$5000 Custom Gaming PC Giveaway

For our launch we are excited to give away a $5,000 PC Gaming Custom setup.  Anyone over the age of 18 is free to enter either through one of our Facebook posts or email us directly.


The drawing for the winner will happen April 25th, 2018.  Good luck!


Update March 19th:

I'm very please to announce that because of all the help we got from our community we will be able to keep enrolling people in the contest.

At first it was very disheartening to deal with complaints from some people but yesterday it became apparent how many of you out their support us and are happy about this contest.  We lost sight of that for a moment with all the negativity we faced.

Thank you so much if you left us a positive review or comment! It really means more than you could ever know to us.

Update March 17th:

This contest has lead to a number of malicious individuals trying to destroy our new business.  They are repeatedly reporting our Facebook page and leaving us 1 star reviews with never even trying our product as well as harassing any employees they can find on social media.

I understand this is a small minority of bitter misguided people but their efforts to destroy our very livelihood is disheartening. 

We will continue with our drawing as planned but are unable to take additional entries on our Facebook posts at this time.  Facebook has nearly blocked our page entirely because of the actions of a few people.


Update May 2nd:

Whew, it's been an exciting and tiring time since we started this contest.  After much effort, we have been unable to make an announcement through chat.  I waited a week hoping to fix this but at this point, we will just announce here.

 Congratulations to our winner Alana Sykes! She picked the lucky winning number and won with a single entry.  We've been in contact with her since April 25th and she decided to go with a partial cash price and less powerful computer.

Here are some of the parts going into her system:

She's also getting over $3000 in cash!

We'd really love to do more of these contests in the future. But we definitely have to figure out some issues before we do.

Thank you to all those that participated responsibly!