Alpha Clarity Ingredients

Alpha Clarity was developed over a 2-year process where extensive laboratory research was done into finding the absolute best combination of FDA-approved ingredients. After that we ran it through scientific, controlled testing to make sure it actually worked at making gamers better.

Every single ingredient used in Alpha Clarity is FDA-approved. That is a big deal to us because the entire idea formed behind developing a healthy, clean way to improve focus and energy while gaming, unlike energy drinks filled with terrible additives and unnatural chemicals.

Taking our idea from concept to creation has been a lot of work, but we couldn't be happier with how it turned out. In the end we were left with a safe product that packs a punch without any of the negative side effects so commonly found in the alternative options.

For a deeper look at each specific ingredient, we have created a resource list below.

Alpha Clarity Ingredients List

  • Caffeine: a powerful stimulant known to increase strength, endurance, and focus by sensitizing neurons to provide increased mental stimulation (Scientific Source).
  • Phenylethylamine: naturally-occurring substance within the body known for its effectiveness at improving athletic reaction times, mood, and attention (Scientific Source).
  • Glucomannan: high source of fiber made from the root of the konjac plant for digestive health (Scientific Source).
  • Fursultiamine: derivative of the popular vitamin B1 that is known for improving joint function--critical for gamers who spend hours with a controller or mouse in their hands (Scientific Source).
  • L-Tyrosine: amino acid proven to improve and increase learning, memory, reaction times, and alertness during stressful situations (Scientific Source).
  • Green Tea Extract: made from the famed Camellia sinensis plant and praised worldwide for its effects on improving mental speed and dexterity; it also boasts a wide range of general health benefits (Scientific Source).
  • Raspberry Ketones: improved mental metabolism (Scientific Source).
  • Yohimbe Bark: proven effective at increasing athletic results of elite athletes (Scientific Source).
  • Kola Nut: stimulates the central nervous system to increase energy levels, improve alertness, and up circulation of blood to the brain (Scientific Source).
  • L-Carnitine: naturally-occuring substance within the body that helps to produce energy for critical body processes and optimal mental function (Scientific Source).

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