We're gamers. You're a gamer. We get each other.

We were going to go pro. No, really. We were determined to do it. And then, of course, the real world started demanding stuff like rent and electric bills be paid, so we had to break down and join the “real world”.

During the day, at least. At night? We keep grinding toward our dreams...sometimes all night. (There's no feeling worse than having to do gamer math: “If I go to bed now and skip my shower, I can hit the snooze twice and still get three hours' sleep and only be fifteen minutes late.” Sigh. Been there, done that.).

Only gamers know this feeling, too: just when you're getting on a hot streak, you start making stupid mistakes and wrecking the perfect run you're putting together...we've been there, and that's why we founded Gamer Alacrity.

The only way to get better is to grind it out; we did that for years (and still do!), but the older we got, the less interested in energy drinks we became. We needed something that helped us stay focused and on a roll, without the crashes and the other drawbacks. So we spent over two years testing custom formulas before we were ready to share it with the world. Why so long?

Because we've been using it, and honestly...we were on a roll, so we couldn't stop to launch it.

Alpha Clarity is our first product, and we're proud of it. Need an edge? Us, too.

We'd tell you more about us, but we're trying to up our kill count.