LuxxBunny Sponsorship - Alpha Clarity

Gamer Alacrity would like to announce we are happy to be sponsoring LuxxBunny.

LuxxBunny can be found on Twitch streaming almost daily.  Her favorite gamer currently is League of Legends.  Her name is Shelby and she loves gaming.  She’s a big introvert, plays gaming 24/7 and is Diamond in League of Legends.

League of Legends isn’t the only game you will find LuxxBunny playing though she also enjoys Dark Souls and Final Fantasy as well.  In League, she plays mid, adc or support.

LuxxBunny had this to say about Alpha Clarity "I love the Gamer Alacrity supplements! They’ve completely replaced energy drinks for me and are cheaper and don’t give the caffeine jitters."

Keep winning in LoL LuxxBunny! Check her out on Twitch today.


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