LoLNatsummiii Sponsorship for Alpha Clarity

Gamer Alacrity has just started a sponsorship with LoLNatsummiii and we couldn’t be happier about it.

You can find LoLNatsummiii streaming her favorite games on Twitch daily, usually League of Legends.

LoLNatsummiii comes from words meaning summer and beauty in Japanese.  Her real name is Wendy and she always just liked the screen name.  Her is eternally 16 years old and was born and raised in Canada.

She has been streaming since 2013 and now does it full time. You can usually find her playing League of Legends or Overwatch.  In League of Legends, she is ranked Diamond and has been for a while! Her favorite champion is Vel’Koz and she plays him the most.

LoLNatsummii had this to say about Alpha Clarity "Personally it was a super strong kick for me so for someone who is really sensitive to caffeine, you'd have to take it super early in the day. However for others who are used to drinking like 2 3 coffees a day, this is for you."

Check out LoLNatsummiii’s amazing stream on Twitch daily!


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